Best Android Games of 2019

If you are looking for the best new games available in the Google Play Store, you have come to the right place. We ’ll update this list whenever there are new games worth adding to this list, so you ’ll always know the latest and best games.

Whether you ’re new to Come to know Android and need a Very new game to start building the Google Play stor library, or Only looking for the latest trendy games that deserve time and attention, you ’ll find them now It is the best Android game that can be.
Star Dew Valley

If you’ve never heard of or played about Stardew Valley, it’s basically a farm simulator built on a robust 16-bit open-ended RPG that lets you play and develop characters and farms. The story begins when the character arrives at Pelican Town. In Pelican Town, I decided to take over my grandfather’s simple family-run farm.

What makes Stardew Valley such a pleasure to play is the freedom for players to make their own games. When focusing on building a farm, the game is mainly about crop and resource management, and given the popularity of the RPG genre on mobile, it certainly provokes itching for mobile gamers. However, in Stardew Valley, a player to explore.

Until you plant and harvest the field, you can use various tools to fish and feed in the forest, go to town, interact with the townspeople and build relationships (you can get married if you want). Or, in a more traditional battle-based RPG adventure, you can explore the quests to complete and the mine in which the monsters extend.

Download: Graveyard Keeper ($ 7.99)

Cemetery keeper: A Best apps for Mobile

Graveyard Keeper is a cemetery management sim that can be easily submerged for hours while enjoying the dark humor of a rather tough subject. You might think the game of playing the grave digger in town is a daunting thing, but Graveyard Keeper’s bright and colorful art style combined with open world and deep crafting mechanics make things really interesting It has become. You will also be rewarded for cutting the corners and becoming creative. For example, you can sell corpses on the ground to a local butcher, host a burning witch party, or poison some of the local townspeople to promote your business.

This is the difference between premium mobile titles like Graveyard Keeper and most other free mobile sim games. There is no time limit for collecting resources and you can create what you need for the game by just foraging. Complete the quest and maintain the graveyard. Enjoy extended play that explores dungeons and completes quests to find rare supplies and other treasures.

As you can see from the trailer, this game is absolutely gorgeous with concise and detailed art style and beautiful animation. Since this is a direct port of the PC / console game, you should be prepared to spend a lot of time on this game. All you have to do is understand the various menus and controls to find out how to become the best cemetery guardian you can!

Download: Graveyard Keeper ($ 9.99)

PUBG Mobile : Best Android App for Mobiles

It’s incredible how well PUBG Mobile works on Android. What began as a massive 100-player battle royale game continued to grow and evolved into the best action shooter game ever for mobile. In Classic Battle Royale mode, drop onto a huge map with weapons, ammunition, tactical equipment, and vehicles. You must stop as a solo player or as part of a team and use all of your best skills to defeat your enemies until you become the last man.

It’s not uncommon for a popular PC or console release to find a way to Android, but you’ll be amazed at how well PUBG works on smartphones. Despite some of the more frustrating aspects of how the coolest loot simply hides in exploitative loot boxes that shouldn’t exist is the best game available on Android. Nevertheless, this game is free to play and is accessible to many gamers.

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I like to play with the best graphics available, but the game can also reduce the graphics details so you can enjoy smooth gameplay even when playing on older devices. If you have a new device, maximize these settings and enjoy one of the best mobile games I’ve played for a long time.

PUBG Mobile provided in some way all the epic moments that PC games are expected to be completely scaled down for mobile devices, and truly accepted the additional success of zombie mode that has already produced a sequel mode . Collect squads and meet on the battlefield!

Download: PUBG Mobile (free)